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Zack Hickman, acoustic and electric bass; has played pump organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, upright piano, ukulele, trombone and sousaphone at performances in the past. (The trombone was hanging on the wall of a club in Carbondale, CO, which may lend some insight into Zack's generally ambitious nature.)

One of the few for whom superlatives truly fail. Resident general, fire marshal, ringmaster and power behind the throne. Maintains these offices with the help of one of the nation's great moustaches, carefully cultivated with the use of beeswax harvested from his father's hives. (A venture into retail, Dr. Zachariah's Mustache Conditioning Wax and Gravity Suppressant, was, sadly, short-lived.) Buys used boots in bulk from various online vendors. Owns Z-shaped belt buckle. Has successfully roasted and served turducken. Featured in the Improper Bostonian and Stuff Boston. Swears loudly and creatively, often as part of preshow warm-up routine. Plays the bass as if someone were going to take it away from him. (For a more visual analogy, picture the Bengal tiger from Swiss Family Robinson.)

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