Secret Shopping: Hide What You Buy on Amazon and Have It Delivered to a Temporary Address

There comes a time in your shopping life when you want to keep your purchases are secret. But as you all know that once you are online you leave an electronic trail that can be picked up by anyone. So also, on the Amazon website itself, you will be able to track all your past purchases. To prevent, anyone snooping around and finding out your secret you need some armory – the armory of secrecy provided by technology. Here are ways you can hide your purchases and get them delivered to a temporary address.

Amazon Prime members can set up an Amazon household account wherein two adults can have their own separate accounts, shopping history, and notifications. Those who are not Prime members can do the following:

  1. Archive an order: This will hide the purchase from the immediate viewing history but if you go to archive section it can be viewed.
  2. Remove from browsing history: By removing the product from your browsing history or just turn off the browsing history.

The above methods will not reveal the identity of the purchase but how can you avoid the delivery to your address? Read on

  1. You can get your purchase delivered to an Amazon locker which is nothing but a self-serving delivery kiosk. These kiosks are available all over the US. By delivering your gift to the locker you can pick it up anytime without anyone knowing.

All you need to do is in your Amazon account check out for the closest locker and add that address to the delivery address. Once your item is delivered to the locker, you will receive a six-digit unique pin which you must enter in the locker interface to open it and pick your purchase.

  1. You can also ship to another address by entering a new address in the “manage addresses “heading. T his address can be deleted later.

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