Here’s What Your Shopping Cart Reveals About Your Life

What you shop for can say a lot about you. Have you ever looked into a shopping cart waiting in line ahead of you at the check-out counter and made an impression about that person? All of us are guilty about doing the same, simply because we have nothing better to do while waiting in line. If you are in the mood to look through products to try while waiting in line, check out darklush today.

Here are some common items that you are bound to find people buying. Let’s see what they can tell about the buyer:

Case 1

A cart full of goodies like chocolates, biscuits, colorful cereal boxes, ready to eat healthy snacks and small portions of not so healthy snacks – This shows the presence of kids at home. When there are kids, the mouths have to be constantly fed and they are definitely not OK with you cooking a meal from scratch every time or feeding them just the healthy stuff.

Case 2

A cart full of healthy foods, ingredients to make more healthy food, a variety of seasonings, cheese, fruits, vegetables and lean meat – This shows the person is very health conscious and does not mind cooking their own meals to meet the nutritional goals.

Case 3

A cart full of all the junk possible, nothing specific and multiple bottles of aerated drinks, cold coffee, and processed foods –  Mostly a cart picked by a teenager or a helpless parent of a teenager. Teens are said to be reckless with almost everything at this stage and their health is no exception. They have everything going for them and they can just explore and experiment without having to worry about weight or skin issues.

Case 4

Well selected wine bottles, cheese, a good selection of light yet good looking snacks, meat, and cooking ingredients – This shows the person is bound to have a party but not just for booze or spending time together. A well put together party will have good food selected by a thoughtful host who wants to make a good impression on one and all, hence trying to fit a variety of things in their cart.