The Ultimate Guide Choosing the Best Dog Harness for All Types of Dogs

A harness is a great necessity for almost all kind of pet dogs ranging from small puppies to big ferocious dogs. It provides a source of control for those pets who jump and pull a lot. Apart from this, a harness can also be used for the little puppies that are just learning to walk on a lead.

Additionally, harnesses represent a good and comfortable option for dogs with tracheal or breathing troubles. Thus, it is considered advantageous when compared to the normal leash and collar type that adds unnecessary pressure to the neck and throat of the dog eventually developing breathing problems in them.

Factors determining the selection for harness type

  1. The age and size of your pet dog. A harness turns out to be a useful tool for easily controlling your young or bulkier breeds and thereby, prevent from injuries when they push and pull too much.
  2. Need of a waterproof harness. The steady training routine and exercise means your dog is exposed to almost all kind of weather. So, you need to think of a waterproof harness which will stay dry even in the wet period.
  3. The requirement of a reflective harness. This criterion is one of the urgent needs if you go out for a regular night walk with your pet.
  4. The material of the harness. Mostly, nylon and leather are considered apt for the dog harnesses as they render properties like durability, comfort and cost-effective.

Different types of dog harnesses

  • The standard one which is the most commonly used type. It consists of a single clip that connects to the leash at the backside of your dog’s neck. This is a good choice for a well behaved and calm pet dog.
  • No pull harness or the front clip type. This has the clip attachment right at the center of the dog’s sternum. A gentle pressure is felt at the armpits of the dog when the pull along.
  • The cool vest types. French Bulldog Harness reviews here. This forms a great way to control nervous dogs and keep them warm in cooler weather conditions.