How To Choose Your New Yogurt Maker 2018

Yogurt makers are definitely all the hype in 2018 and a lot of start-up yogurt maker brands have popped up, along with many many legacies small home appliance manufacturers. Sites like can track the hottest trends, but you need to do a lot more research that to find a yogurt maker that will satisfy you the most. Before you drop a couple hundred bucks on your brand-new yogurt maker, here are some of my tips, as an experienced technician and yogurt marker at home, to help you pick the best yogurt maker for you.

The Timer

Yogurt is fermented milk, and it takes the machine some time to produce the yogurt, which you will need to chill in the fridge for around half a day after it is finished in the morning. Usually, it takes machines between 5 and 9 hours to ferment the yogurt. Generally, it’s better to have a fermenting time that better suits your needs, even if it’s the “budget” time.


As always, the cost is always a major deciding factor when buying anything, for good reason. Yogurt makers massively vary in price, from just 20 dollars all the way up to several hundred. Obviously, buying an expensive yogurt maker will mean you get a higher quality product. However, buying a cheap yogurt maker can still give you great tasting yogurt since the yogurt quality you make at home ultimately is determined by the quality of the ingredients, rather than the cost of the machine processing those ingredients. As for which brands a generally better, we think the legacy appliance manufacturers generally make the better yogurt makers because they have the resources and expertise to engineer reliable products. For example, we believe Crusinart generally produces the best yogurt makers in today’s market.