The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Toilet in 2019

Toilet reviews on Toiletsquad are great, to begin with, if you are planning to buy a toilet for your home. And elegant looking comfortable toilet is one of the best investments you make for your home. There are one piece and two piece models, elongated ones and around toilets and plenty of other design parameters to look into. Besides the looks of the toilet, even the functionality aspects differ from one option to the other.

Choose the right style

One piece toilets are slightly more expensive than the conventional two-piece designs, but these are compact and they look great. Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, are very easy to be installed. The other difference in the style might be the mounting style of the toilet. There is wall mounted designs and floor mounted designs. Make sure that you choose a style that matches the design of your bathroom.

Size is everything

The size of the toilet itself and the size of the seat are both very important. To begin with when you have a small bathroom a compact toilet might be your only option. Besides the size of the bathroom the location of the toilet, the closeness to the wall and the location of the bathtub or the shower should all be taken into account. Find a size so that you do not feel crumpled or too close to the wall when you sit on the toilet. Elongated options, therefore, might be bad for narrow bathrooms. The size of the seat should also be just right and too wide nor too narrow. When you have finalized the size you would then be able to shortlist the suitable toilet bowl shapes.

Pay attention to the flush tank operation

Ranging from the choice of single flush to the dual flush to the volume of flush consider every little detail about the flush mechanism. Look for economic water utilization and a flush that is not too noisy.