When To Start Training A Puppy?

Having a puppy at home is exciting and very pleasing to the heart. During the puppy stage, dogs are highly playful and very adorable. However, only at this stage you have to start training your puppies and teach them good manners. It should never go out of your control under any kind of circumstances and you need to lay the foundation right at the beginning. When you do not start your training at the right time you will end up seeing dirty carpets, torn shoes, ripped cushions, etc.

An untrained puppy can create lot of nuisance and bring you unwanted cleaning chores. You will be wasting your precious time if you are waiting for your puppy become a year or six months old. You can start with the instructions like which part of the house they can enter or should not and also train them on certain basic manners. Have a look at Petadvice360 that give suggestions on dog crates you can buy for your pup.

A dog has to be trained throughout their life.  In case you neglect your pets, they will learn some unpleasant habits that are hard to make them forget. Therefore educating a dog from a very young age is very essential. When they are just seven weeks old, you can start training them on controlling their bite, where to do the toilet, behaving properly when you are not around, avoid pouncing on people, where to sleep, etc.

When your dog turns 3 months old, you can take him or her for walking outside and train on where to go for toilet. This is the age you can control them by pulling the leash and avoid not running behind wherever they pull you. From 6 months onwards, your dog will be able to understand complex orders and it is also good time for it to interact with other dogs outside. From this stage, your dog will learn all the basic rules to live in harmony with your family.…